Privacy Policy

Who we are?

We are your digital passport for all things health. We provide access to your covid-19 test results in real-time, allow you to schedule, cancel and reschedule appointments, review and access covid-19 related resources, communicate with our various offices at the comfort of your mobile phone.

Please note that upon registering for our services, all of our partners are required to provide OPT-IN or OPT-OUT options for their patients, residents and members.

Registrants are then allowed to determine if this service is for them. Registrants may decide to OPT-OUT of using dropcure in which case, they will likely be denied access to our portal and referred to servicing options. Members that decide to move forward, are granted access and informed what the access entails. (ie) Your test results may be provided to the PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT or guardian upon request.

What information do we collect? is an open portal for our health providers. All information collected remain the access point and data for the specific medical facility. Information is not used or released to dropCure. Please contact your health provider for more details.