About dropCure
A light EMR company that delivers and manages patient's medication in Southern California. Our application allows patients to make appointments, review diagnosis from physicians, request services, and manage their health record.

Welcome to DROPCURE

We are simply a proprietary platform used by Healthcare providers, agencies, patients, shelters, public health departments to monitor your covid test results. You will find a disclaimer and consent in your registration section that allows you to either opt our and reject the service or opt in and consent to the information requested.

In addition, we also provide access for general medical services from pharmacy prescriptions, service diagnosis, lab tests and results. Patients may access our secured web portal to see results from various services from their respective healthcare providers.

We are you digital passport for all things health. We provide access to your covid-19 test results in real-time, allow you to schedule, cancel and reschedule appointments, review and access covid-19 related resources, communicate with our various offices at the comfort of your mobile phone.